Hi everyone. I have just recently made this website. Anyways, as a way of saying thanks for visiting, if you help me out and spread the world/visit a lot, I will hook you up with a Humble Indie Bundle!

Important notice:

The new and improved website is now up!  It can be found at www.steamvalue.com.
I will be posting numerous raffles throughout the week on this website, so please stay tuned.  

Change log:

-Draws the current price from Steam
-Stores the lowest price for the year
-Revolutionized UI
-Search function
-Game images
-Link to store page in title
-Now holds top 100 selling

Please check out the new website, I hope everyone enjoys it.  This page will be left as it is, so please feel free to use it.  However I would definitely recommend switching to the new and improved website.

Thank you!